A Wonderful Message Sent to Marc VanClaggett on Facebook

I watched Unsung on TV One last night and they did a special on one of America’s most legendary R&B groups, The Temptations. I really enjoyed watching the show. It reminded me of the cruise I took last year when I met Marc Vanclaggett. Marc is part of Tribute Temptations and they did an excellent performance. They tour all around the world and perform these amazing songs. If you ever get a chance go check them out. On the cruise Marc was real down to earth and I caught up with him and we had a great time talking about his music career and never giving up on your dreams. Marc is a business man and he travels the world following his passion and doing what he loves. Can’t wait to see you perform again soon Marc!

“Merald Drive” CD plus “Jazz at Sunset” Single


Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to start enjoying the Music of Marc VanClaggett by purchasing his latest CD, Merald Drive and receive a bonus track, the digital download of the title track single of “Jazz at Sunset” emailed to you upon purchase.

The experience of Merald Drive can be appreciated in a variety of ways from relaxing at home, setting the mood for a romantic evening or taking it along with you in the car. 

Here is what just one of Marc VanClaggett’s fans had to say about this CD:

Marc definitely has a unique style and sound that is his and his alone. From the title hit Merald Drive to the mellow selection of Santa Barbara or hip R & B sound of Hooked On You, this CD is a combination of cool, funk, R & B and smooth jazz all in one. This CD is sure to please it’s listeners.

Gale C Adams

So make your purchase today and begin your musical journey down “Merald Drive”

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Thank you for your support of Music by Marc VanClaggett!


Marlex Records

Single Release of “Santa Barbara” by Marc VanClaggett

Santa Barbara


Single Release of “Santa Barbara” by Marc Vanclaggett
is now Available at:

June 19, 2014  Hey Friend…just listened to Santa Barbara last night. Love it! ~Pat Atkins

Press Release: http://www.prlog.org/12337575-marlex-records-new-single-release-santa-barbara-by-marc-vanclaggett.html

Merald Drive is Available at:

Ranked #2 for Jazz/R&B in Baltimore, MD on Reverbnation.

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Lady Flava Meets Tribute To The Temptations in Las Vegas

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An opportunity came for me to go to Las Vegas and see the group,  “Tribute To The Temptations” and I was determined to make it happen.  Arriving on Thursday, June 5th from Seattle to a heat that I was not used to, took this Pacific Northwest girl out of commission for the first night but to recover fine the following day.   Meeting up with my business partner of 2.5 years,  Marc VanClaggett who is a member of this amazing “Tribute To The Temptations” group was a great experience since most of our business is done by phone and internet.  He is on tour year around traveling with this musical brothers to places, I can only dream of.

While in Vegas we attend the show for Smokey Robinson’s group,  “Human Nature” at The Venetian where my cousin, known as “Funky Z” plays the Bass for this amazing group.  We were definitely…

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FMarlex Radio

923174_10203484273216265_1685358389_n  In December of 2013 Marc VanClaggett and Lady Flava joined forces to co-own what is now known as FMarlex Radio.

With a global audience that continues to grown, initially founded in 2009 by Flava News now reaches a larger audience as they introduce a variety of independent artists to the world.

FMarlex Radio


Join the movement that supports some of the BEST music you can hear on the internet…

FMarlex Radio!

~Marc VanClaggett & Lady Flava~

From Summer to Fall, Take Merald Drive by Marc VanClaggett with You

As summer is about to come to an end and fall is just around the corner, this would be the perfect time to get your copy of “Merald Drive” by Marc VanClaggett to chill to, romance with and make it your own experience.

Purchase your digital download right now and step into the sounds of Marc VanClaggett. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcvanclaggett12 (hard copies are also available)

Get a taste of Merald Drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-74K6Zc3wk2-22-2013 front-3

“I’ll Be There For You” by Marc VanClaggett FREE Download


“I’ll Be There For You” by Marc VanClaggett is a reminder in what it means to be there for someone else and building that solid connection and friendship. In the craziness of this world, we all need to know that we matter and that someone cares. Listen to the words and see how it fits into your world. The simplest acts of kindness can make such a difference in the life of someone you love or even a stranger on the street.

Be the difference, that makes a difference…”I’ll Be There For You”


Marc VanClaggett
Music by Marc VanClaggett